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5 days ago

GAP Insurance: All the Terminology you need!

GAP Insurance uses quite a bit of insurance jargon. So we've put together a quick blog on the terms commonly used around GAP insurance.

five and ten pound notes
2 months ago

How to Organise Your Budget to Help Save For The Future

In this Bettersafe blog, we explore our 5 top tips for organising your budget. 

We look at recording your expenses, a handy budgeting strategy, making your savings automatic, an investment platform and signing up for promotional companies. All to help you make your money go further.

4 months ago

Understanding Income Protection Insurance

As its name suggests, Income Protection Insurance is a cover designed to ensure you will continue to receive an income if you are unable to work due to a disability or illness. Here we explain what Income Protection is and how it can benefit you!

Car parked next to a lake
5 months ago

Second-hand Car GAP Insurance

Many people often wonder if they are able to buy GAP insurance fro their newly purchased, second-hand car. We at Bettersafe answer all your questions about how Gap Insurance applies to your second-hand car. 

An image of a car showing the benefit of GAP insurance
5 months ago

Everything You Need to Know About GAP Insurance

When you purchase a car, it is important to know that it will very likely depreciate in value. Surprisingly many people don't realise their insurance often doesn't cover the original cost of the car, but rather the value at the time of the car being written off. This article breaks down and explains everything you need to know about GAP insurance.

hand luggage and out of focus passport
6 months ago

How to Plan the Perfect Long Weekend Away During COVID

COVID has made it exceptionally difficult for all of us to get excited about any kind of holiday. Romantic city breaks have been cancelled, family events postponed, and holiday plans ruined.

With this in mind, we at Bettersafe have put together a how-to guide on planning your next long weekend.

Car Hire Excess and Why You Should Be Insured
7 months ago

Car Hire Excess and Why You Should Be Insured

As planes and trains present a certain degree of risk, hiring a car is quickly becoming a popular way of travelling around the country. But many do not consider the implications of the excess on their car hire policy.

Bettersafe winter driving and car maintenance tips
3 years ago

Bettersafe winter driving and car maintenance tips

Cold and damp weather can put a huge strain on the vehicles which we take for granted and test even the most experienced drivers. Here is our 10-point winter checklist on how to stay safe this winter.

image of a man holding a key and a model car
7 years ago

Top 11 tips when hiring a car

When hiring a car for your next holiday abroad, you may be unaware of how different hire car companies have different types of packages – all which can push up the cost.