6 days ago

What Kind of Charges Could Car Hire Companies Charge Me?

Hiring a car when you go on holiday is a great way to explore your destination of choice. You may also want to take advantage of car hire instead of buying your own car for everyday use. See what charges could apply to you.

12 days ago

What Happens When You’re Car Gets Written Off?

We take a deep dive into explaining what happens when your car is written off, how this impacts you financially and all the options you have if your car is declared a write-off.

16 days ago

Freedom Day UK Is Here: What You Can Do, Should Do and Must Not Do

Bettersafe is offering our customers a 10% Off discount on our Car Hire Excess Policy to celebrate Freedom Day UK on July 19. Simply quote the code ‘FREEDOM10’ at checkout.

26 days ago

What Are The Best Ways to Protect My Income If I Fall Ill?

You may not be able to predict the future, but you can plan for worst-case scenarios such as being unable to work due to injury or falling seriously ill, in which case you would struggle to pay upcoming bills. Fortunately, there are alternative means to protect your income.

2 months ago

How Can Hiring a Car Benefit You?

Buying a car is incredibly expensive. There's the cost of fuel, maintenance and depreciation. Here's why we think hiring a car could be a good alternative.

2 months ago

Which Cars Depreciate The Quickest?

As most of us know, cars tend to depreciate very quickly. But there are some cars that tend to lose their value far more quickly than others. Take a look at the cars that depreciate the most heavily and the reasons behind them!

2 months ago

Hiring A Car Under 25

For Under 25's hiring a car can be a minefield. Rental places will charge higher premiums, rip you off, or even refuse to let you hire a Vehicle. We explain why hiring a car when you're under 25 can be so difficult and what to look out for!

2 months ago

Short Term Income Protection: All You Need to Know

Short Term Income Protection (STIP) is a type of insurance that pays out a portion of your income, should you fall ill or have an accident that prevents you from working. However, as with any insurance policy, it can get a bit complicated. Don't worry, we've got you covered, here's a guide on all you need to know about STIP.

2 months ago

Do You Need Short-Term Income Protection?

An accident or an illness can be a big threat to our incomes. That's why a STIP insurance policy could be something to consider. Read all about it on our Bettersafe blog.

3 months ago

What Is Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Finance?

PCP or Personal Contract Purchase is the most common finance option people use to purchase a vehicle in the UK. But many of us haven't heard of it before. We explain the basics of PCP and why it's so popular.

3 months ago

The Benefits of Accident and Sickness Insurance

There are always things in life that you cannot predict. If you aren't able to work due to an unforeseen accident or illness, a STIP policy could protect you from any financial shortfall.

3 months ago

Don’t Forget Your MOT!

The world is going back to normal. So it's vital you don't let things slip and forget your upcoming MOT. Here's your reminder and some information about the test. It's Bettersafe than sorry!

3 months ago

Short-Term Income Protection: The Solution to a Modern Problem

The stress of modern living is associated with many of us falling ill. This can put many of our incomes at risk. Short Term Income Protection provides a safety net for income lost due to an accident or sickness.

3 months ago

 What Happens If I’m Involved In An Accident In A Hire Car? 

Being involved in a car accident is incredibly stressful. What's even more stressful is when it happens in a hire car. Most people don't understand what they are covered for on their rental agreement, so we've put together this article to explain what happens when you have an accident in a hire car. 

4 months ago

Should I Buy Car Hire Excess Insurance From A Hire Company?

There are loads of companies which offer car hire excess insurance. But what about buying it from the rental desk? Here's what you should consider when looking at getting your car hire excess cover.