Commercial Vehicle Excess Insurance

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What is a Commercial Vehicle?

A commercial vehicle is any vehicle that is used for transporting goods or paying passengers. The refers to vehicles such as vans and trucks up to 44 tonnes. 

What is Excess?

The excess is specified in your policy documentation and is the amount of money you agree to contribute to any claim you make on your policy. This often can come in the form of a deduction from the final settlement fee from the insurance provider.

What is Commercial Vehicle Excess Insurance?

Commercial vehicles are essential for the day-to-day operations of businesses.

Many people struggle to pay the excess on their policy after an accident where your vehicle is taken to be repaired or written off.

This may be due to taking on a higher excess to lower the cost of their motor insurance policy.

Having a commercial vehicle excess insurance policy means that if you need to make a claim, you won’t be hit with a huge excess.

At Bettersafe, we can arrange the payment to be sent directly to the garage, so that you never have to put your hand in your pocket.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is essential to ensure that your business is never held back because of a high excess fee.

What is covered in the policy?

If you make a claim under your primary Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy we will reimburse you the amount of the excess you had to pay. 


  • If you claimed on your primary policy before purchasing our policy
  • If you were aware you were going to make a claim before the start date of your policy
  • If no excess was paid by you or was deducted from your final settlement fee
  • If your claim to your primary insurer was not successful.

Could I not just reduce my excess?

Yes, however, you would only be able to reduce your voluntary excess. If your policy has a compulsory excess, you would not be able to reduce this. Often if you are reducing your excess it can cause your premium to increase. 

Why do I need Commercial Vehicle Excess Insurance?

If you have an accident, your vehicle is vandalised by a third party, or you have to make any claim subject to an excess deduction, this can put a lot of financial pressure on you. 

By taking out a commercial vehicle excess policy, should you ever need to make a claim on your primary policy, you wont end up out of pocket. 

Why Bettersafe?

Our Commercial Vehicle excess insurance is the only product in the market which is not just a reimbursement product.

This means if you need to make a claim on your commercial vehicle, we can arrange for your claim to be paid out directly to the garage.

Another benefit of our policy is that you may be able to use your excess cover to save you money overall.

You might be able to increase the amount of excess you can voluntarily take on the motor policy and cover that with our excess insurance. You might see a substantial reduction in your motor premium as a result.

How to make a claim:

  1. Check your policy wording.

Ensure you are aware of any exclusions which may apply and that you understand them.

  1. Notify the claim.

All claims must be notified to the administrator within 30 days of receiving the settlement on your primary policy.

Claims Administrator Contact Details

Commercial & General Ltd

Unit MCAG02  Building A, Ground Floor, Room 2 

Marvan Court, 1 Waldegrave Road,

Teddington, TW11 8LZ

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3740 4431


The Administrator will send you a claim form, which you should fill in and send back as soon as possible. You will need to provide the relevant documentation where you can.