June 15, 2022

Top 10 Reasons People Breakdown

Car broken down with bonnet up

Here are the top reasons why people breakdown and with Bettersafe’s NEW Roadside Assistance Insurance you can be covered for them:

Flat or Faulty Battery

The battery will automatically charge whilst driving, however if you only do very short journeys this may not give your battery enough time to properly charge. A flat battery will mean your vehicle will not be able to start.

Alternator Trouble:

A faulty Alternator may mean that your battery is not being charged properly, this can cause the fuel line to misfire and the engine to not start.

Electrical problems:

As with any machine, things break over time. Most electrical problems occur due to the wear and tear of driving your vehicle over time. Common electrical problems include things like connectors, plugs and fuses.

Keys and Alarms:

Getting locked out of your car is a nightmare. With newer cars having very sophisticated alarm systems people are having to call someone out when they lock their keys in the car to help them regain access to the vehicle.


It happens to the best of us! Putting the wrong type of fuel in the car can be damaging to the engine. If you notice you have put the wrong type in before you start the engine, you may just be able to get it pumped out, however if you have started the engine and started to drive it may cause more damage to the engine.

Trustpilot review guy misfuelling car

Damaged tyres:

Tyres can be damaged from wear and tear but also from punctures. To prevent your wheels from damage from wear and tear it is worth keeping an eye on the tread of your tyres. If there is an unseen pothole or debris in the road this can cause a puncture to your tyre. Unfortunately, punctures are not something you can necessarily prevent. Bettersafe’s Roadside Assistance means that someone can arrive to put the spare tyre on or take you to a suitable garage within 10 miles of your breakdown to get it fixed.

Clutch cables:

With manual cars, the clutch will wear down slowly over time every time you change gears, especially with a large amount of hill starts. If your clutch cable breaks whilst driving pull over immediately as your car will become immobile.

Diesel Particulate Filter:

All diesel cars are fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to help filter out dirt, soot, and exhaust emissions. If you are only doing short journeys consistently, the filter can become blocked over time. If it does become blocked it can stop your vehicle from being as efficient as it should be.

Starter Motor:

The starter motor is the engine that allows your car to start when you turn on your engine.


Cars can have a range of engine issues that may occur unexpectedly including overheating. These issues can cause your vehicle to become immobile.

Do you need Bettersafe’s new Roadside Assistance Insurance?

When travelling to work or you’re next staycation don’t let a potential breakdown ruin your day. Bettersafe’s new Roadside Assistance Insurance gives you the ease of mind and cover when your vehicle breaks down.

A breakdown is defined as an electrical or mechanical failure, lack of fuel, misfuel, flat battery, accident, or puncture to the vehicle, which immediately renders the vehicle immobilised. For more information about what our breakdown policy includes Click Here.