September 23, 2014

Car Excess Insurance Tip's


Car Hire Excess Insurance Tips

  • Depending on the type of car you are renting and where in the world you intend to be driving, excess on the insurance cover provided by the car rental company may range from a few hundred to well over a thousand pounds.
  • Protecting that risk with car hire excess insurance, therefore, is likely to prove a prudent step by many customers.
  • It may appear convenient to leave its purchase until the very last moment and buy the cover at the hire car check-in desk when you take delivery of the vehicle.
  • But car rental companies are no experts in insurance and the excess protection package they provide is typically based on what is widely considered to be an expensive daily rate.
  • Furthermore, many of such policies offered by car rental companies do not cover damage to certain areas of the vehicle – typically, the tyres, windows, roof or underside of the car.
  • An alternative to being bullied by the rental company into buying whatever excess insurance product they may offer is to make your purchase in advance, before even leaving home.
  • The daily rates from these providers – including those of us here at Bettersafe – are typically considerably cheaper than those offered by car rental companies.
  • Indeed, you might go one step further – and save yourself still more money – by arranging annual insurance.
  • An annual package means that you never need to worry about arranging further excess insurance, since it is valid the whole year round, whenever you need to travel and hire a car.
  • In addition to the sheer convenience of annual insurance, moreover, it typically works out considerably cheaper than arranging cover on a daily basis for each trip.
  • The risks, the general costs in settling claims and therefore the price of car rental premiums varies from one part of the world to another.
  • So when arranging your car excess insurance, you might want to make sure that the cover you are buying is appropriate for the part of the world in which you intend to be driving – whether that is the UK and Europe, the United States, or anywhere else in the world.
  • You might want to make sure that if the worst comes to the worst and you do find yourself presented with the bill for any excess charge, your insurance cover promptly reimburses that expenditure on your return home.
  • With a little forethought and planning, it is easy to avoid some of the pitfalls in arranging to hire car excess insurance and to save yourself money in the process.