September 20, 2021

Can I Insure My Fleet With Commercial Vehicle Insurance?


To drive any type of vehicle on UK roads, you need insurance. Companies should consider whether commercial vehicle excess insurance is the best option to provide your business fleet with accident and damage protection.

It should be noted that commercial vehicle excess is typically higher than personal car level of cover. Commercial vehicles are deemed to be on the road for longer periods, thus the risk of an accident is higher, therefore so is the premium.

The good news is that commercial vehicle excess insurance with Bettersafe does cover business fleets that include vans and trucks, so no matter what your excess is, our policies enable you to recover the cost of your excess in the event of an accident.

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Vehicle Excess Insurance For Business Fleets?

The key benefit of business fleet insurance is convenience. If you only have one policy, you only have to perform monthly payments and renewals once.

For companies with a large fleet of drivers, the convenience of a business fleet cover policy is a cost-effective way to reduce admin costs.

The other key benefit for your business is that your fleet has accident and protection cover in the event of accidental damage, fire or theft.

If any of your drivers are involved in an accident, your company would be responsible to pay the excess. With our commercial vehicle excess insurance, the excess is paid for you, so your business doesn’t suffer unexpected costs.

What Does Commercial Vehicle Excess Insurance Cover?

Commercial vehicle insurance cover will differ from one company to the next. However, in general, you should expect van cover to provide the following:

  • Loss or damage to vehicles registered as part of your business fleet.
  • Vehicle recovery in the event of an accident or breakdown cover.
  • Damage to the windows or windscreen.
  • Loading and loading coverage.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Protection for loss or damaged goods.
  • Trailers attached to a commercial vehicle.
  • The cost of a courtesy car.
  • Breakdown cover.
  • Legal fees.

How Important Is It To Have Commercial Vehicle Excess Insurance For My Business?

That all depends on the size and nature of your business. Commercial vehicle excess insurance is designed to provide companies of all sizes with accident and damage protection cover - and payouts could be the difference between your company staying in business or closing.

Whilst nobody wants to contemplate the worst, business owners have to plan for the worst. Including commercial van cover is essential to your business. In the event any of your vehicles are written off, commercial vehicle excess insurance is arguably even more important.

For more details about the commercial vehicle excess insurance, we offer at Bettersafe, contact us today and speak with one of our knowledgeable advisers.