5 Reasons Why Standalone Car Rental Insurance Could Save You Money


Insurance From Insurance Providers

  • If you want a hire car, go to a hire car company.
  • If you want insurance, go to an insurance provider.
  • It is not only the hire car company that might arrange the necessary insurance because standalone alternatives are available directly from insurance providers.
  • By going to specialists in the business, you are more likely to make savings on the price you pay – and here at Bettersafe, we are specialists in the provision of hire car excess insurance.

Book Early

  • A further reason for arranging standalone insurance is the incentive it gives to book your rental car earlier.
  • Rather than waiting until the last minute, you might choose to reserve the car and sort out the cover you need well in advance before you set off on your trip.
  • The savings on booking early may prove substantial – as a recent commentary by Martin Lewis at Money Saving Expert.

Annual Cover

  • If you are a frequent traveller and need to hire a car several times a year, standalone insurance also offers an opportunity to arrange car excess insurance that lasts the whole year-round.
  • Rather than having to give thought to the question of ensuring the excess on your hire car every time you go away, therefore, you may rest easy that it is already in place whenever or wherever you happen to be.
  • On a trip by trip basis, you are almost certain to discover that such annual cover soon proves its worth in terms of the money saved.

Area-Specific Cover

  • Not surprisingly, insurance premiums for driving a vehicle – including a rental car – vary from one part of the world to another, depending on the insurer’s calculation of the risks.
  • Standalone insurance for your hire car, therefore, is typically bought with reference to the particular areas of the world in which you intend to be driving.
  • You may find, for instance, that insurance coverage for the UK and Europe is cheaper than for driving in other parts of the world, but that comparable cover for driving in the United States tends to be the most expensive.

Excess Insurance Cover

  • The bane of many a customer’s life when it comes to arranging insurance for a hire car is the knotty question of excess cover.
  • Excesses may be high – from a few hundred to well over a thousand pounds, depending on where you intend to drive – and insurance may, therefore, prove the most prudent step.
  • Typically, you may buy such top-up protection from the rental car company when you pick up the car, but it rarely comes at a price that you might consider reasonable and frequently omits excess cover from some important areas of potential damage to the vehicle.
  • If you buy standalone excess insurance cover, you may not only save money on arranging this element of protection but also know exactly what is and what is not covered in the policy.
  • Independently arranged, standalone insurance for your hire car, therefore, might not only give you better, more definite protection on the roads but may also save you a significant amount of money.