UK and European Cover

Car hire excess insurance from Bettersafe ensures that if you are charged an excess for any damage to a hire car, you will be able to claim reimbursement.

At Bettersafe, we are specialised in UK & European cover. You can choose the best policy for you: daily or annual. The daily policy will cost ypu a litle of £1.99 per day.


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Here are some useful examples of potential claims:

  • • You have received an excess charge to your credit card because the rental company has claimed one of the baby seats was damaged and it was not covered by their policy.

  • • You've been notified that the car hire company believes the car was significantly scratched at the time you returned it.

  • • Following a misfuelling error you have been charged for significant repairs as this risk is not included in typical car rental insurance.

  • • A large bill for damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle has been charged to your card, as such damage is typically not included under standard car rental insurance.

  • • Any other circumstance where you have received an excess charge following a qualifying claim.

Cover Gross Premium
Daily UK & Europe £1.99 Buy Now
Annual UK & Europe £37.99 Buy Now