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Car Hire Excess Insurance

Car hire excess insurance from Bettersafe will make sure that if you are charged an excess for any damage to a hire car, you will be able to claim reimbursement for the sums involved.

Product Details
Just an example of some of the protection provided by our cover would include:
  • you have received an excess charge to your credit card because the rental company have claimed one of the baby seats was damaged and it was not covered by their policy;
  • you’ve been notified that they believe the car was significantly scratched at the time you returned it;
  • following a mis–fuelling error you have been charged for significant repairs as this risk is not included in typical car rental insurance;
  • a large bill for damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle has been charged to your card, as such damage is typically not included under standard car rental insurance;
  • any other circumstance where you had received an excess charge following a qualifying claim.
Cover Gross Premium  
Daily UK & Europe £1.99 Buy Now
Daily Worldwide (ex. CDW & SLI) £2.99 Buy Now
Daily Worldwide (inc. CDW & SLI) £4.49 Buy Now
Annual UK & Europe £37.99 Buy Now
Annual Worldwide (ex. CDW & SLI) £46.99 Buy Now
Annual Worldwide (inc. CDW & SLI) £84.99 Buy Now

What are Collision Damage Waiver and Supplementary Liability Insurance (CDW & SLI)?  

If you have budgeted carefully for your car rental, you won’t want to find yourself in the position of needing to find substantial extra amounts after you have returned it.

Car hire excess insurance from Bettersafe will make sure that you are protected from such a position.
What Is Excess Insurance?
Some people renting cars express surprise when they are asked to provide their credit card for a deposit swipe at the time they collect the vehicle.  After all, they may have already paid in full for the hire and can’t see why the hire company is asking for another and potentially very substantial sum of money.

The reason is simple - if rather worrying.

When you rent a car in most countries, the price will typically include some form of insurance provision.  However, that insurance is likely to be subject to a potentially very substantial “excess” and it may also contain significant exclusions.

The excess is the amount of money that the hire company will expect you to pay towards the cost of any damage the vehicle suffers while it is on hire to you.  The sums involved can be very high – up to £1,500 in some cases.

Typically when the swipe of your credit card is taken upon collection, the rental company are checking that you have sufficient credit balance on your card to cover that excess deposit. 

This process has proven to be controversial because of the fact that vehicle inspections are sometimes only undertaken after your departure, which is why some people have found large amounts of excess charged to their credit card without their prior knowledge.
Why Buy It?
If you have returned a motor vehicle and are now a long way away from it or even perhaps in another country, you may not be in the best of positions to dispute excess charges levied against you.

Given the scale of your potential financial exposure here, protecting yourself with car hire excess cover just might make sense.       

However, you might also be able to use our policy in order to obtain lower car rental fees.

Some car rental companies may allow you to reduce the cost of your rental by increasing the amount of voluntary excess you will take on your in-the-price insurance cover.

Of course, that does add risk for you but if you cover that risk with our excess insurance policy and it costs you less than the amount you are saving on your rental, then you will be substantially in pocket.

You must though do your mathematics carefully to make sure that this option will prove viable for you.  You can find more about that here.

What car rental companies charge you for reducing your excess to nil
Of course, some car rental companies will offer a smiliar car hire excess cover which will reduce your excess liability to nil. This can, however, work out very expensive, as the chart below shows:

Car Hire Company Excess Excess Waiver Costs Cost Of Excess Waiver Per Day Rental Only Cost Combined Cost Of Rental And Excess Waiver Excess Waiver Costs As A % Of The Cost Of Rental
AVIS Theft €1,330
Damage €700
£180.90 £18.09 £308.04 £480.94 37.6%
HERTZ Theft €2,000
Damage €1,600
£281.80 £28.18 £366.87 £648.67 43.4%
EUROPCAR Theft £2,185
Damage £1,214
£220.98 £31.57 £379.60 £600.58 36.8%
SIXT Theft £1,771
Damage £1,386
£139.79 £19.97 £290.79 £430.58 32.5%
Excess €2,000
£125.00 £15.62 £212.00 £337.00 37.1%

(Data; March 2016) The table shows the excess insurance (CDW) cost for a UK resident renting a Fiat 500L or equivalent car (mid-range, Group D/E) from Milan (airport) for 8 day’s rental from 27/10/2016 – 03/11/2016.

Compare this to Bettersafe’s car hire excess insurance where we charge from £1.99 per day for the same cover (i.e.reduction to a nil excess). 
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